Category: FAQ

  • Is MuTo available worldwide?

    MuTo is currently available only in select countries, but the company is working to expand its reach and bring its platform to more music fans and artists around the world.

  • Is MuTo a music streaming service?

     No, MuTo is not a music streaming service. It is a platform that allows fans to invest in music copyright and receive royalties from their investment.

  • Can artists remove their music from MuTo?

    Yes, artists can choose to remove their music from MuTo at any time, provided that they have not sold all of the shares of their music copyright.

  • How do investors make money on MuTo?

    Investors make money on MuTo by receiving a portion of the royalties generated by the music they have invested in. The amount of royalties received is proportional to the number of shares owned.

  • How much does it cost to invest in MuTo?

    The cost of investing in MuTo varies depending on the price set by the artist for their copyright. Investors can purchase as many shares as they like, up to the total amount of shares available.

  • Who can invest in MuTo?

    Anyone can invest in MuTo, as long as they are over 18 years of age and meet the platform’s eligibility requirements. Note: There are some requirements initially that will require investors to either earn +$250k, or $300k with spouse, or a net worth of over $1m. These are the requirements set out by RegD, which is the […]

  • How does MuTo empower artists?

    By allowing artists to sell a portion of their music copyright, MuTo provides them with a new source of funding and allows them to maintain control over their music.

  • How does MuTo work?

    Artists can choose how much of their music copyright to list on the platform, and fans can purchase shares of that copyright. MuTo facilitates the buying and selling of shares and ensures that investors receive their fair share of the royalties generated by the music.

  • What is MuTo?

    MuTo is an online platform that empowers artists by allowing them to sell a portion of their music copyright, which fans can then invest in and receive royalties from, every 6 months.